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MULTIPLAZ-3500 has virtually limitless applications for welding and cutting and is used successfully around the world in such places as:

  • Automotive and Marine Engineering
  • Workshop and shed
  • Farming, horticulture and agriculture
  • Offices, shops, homes, apartments, hotels
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Tunnels, basements, well shafts, mining and bridges
  • Boat hulls and superstructure
  • Roofing and plumbing
  • Wineries and factories
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Ship and aircraft production and maintenance
  • General and mobile repais and maintenance

Due to its unique multi-functional capabilities, it is difficult to find a welding or cutting task in which the MULTIPLAZ-3500 device would not be of use, any place, anytime.

Workshop. Possibly the single most useful and versatile tool for the workshop or shed.

  • No specialized training required.
  • Works from 110/230V single phase.
  • Replaces a multitude of tools.

Marine. Perfect for use at sea for repairs. Can be used in enclosed spaces such as engine rooms.

  • Use in enclosed spaces because oxygen is produced when the plasma is on.
  • No noxious or poisonous gases used.
  • Working flame provides illumination, no additional lighting required.

Automotive. Unlimited uses in vehicle shops for repairs, modification and restoration.

  • Welds metals from just 0.3mm thick.
  • Use for welding, cutting, soldering, melting, perforation, brazing, hardening etc.

Engineering. Work with a huge variety of materials. Perfect for on-site maintenance in every industry.

  • Compact and lightweight, carry to the worksite.
  • Work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Farm. Portable and multi-purpose. A thousand and one uses around the farm or lifestyle block.

  • For in-the-field usage needs a smaller generator.

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