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About Product


MULTIPLAZ-3500 is a unique portable multi-functional plasma device for welding, cutting, soldering and heat treatment of metals and other materials.  MULTIPLAZ-3500 consists of a plasma torch and an electronic power module that weights only 9kg.

Learning to use MULTIPLAZ-3500 is very easy and the results are spectacular. No specialized training is required, with a little practice, anyone can become proficient in the multiple uses of this invaluable workshop tool.


MULTIPLAZ-3500 advantages are based around the three basic factors:

  • Cost effective
  • Multiple applications
  • Ecological compatibility

Compact and lightweight. Can be carried to the work site in a small bag. No compressors, transformers, gas-cylinders or other heavy equipment is required to operate the device.

Low power requirements. Uses 110/230V single phase meaning there is a significant saving in electricity charges when compared with using higher voltage equipment. For in-the-field usage where portable power generation is required, the need for a significantly smaller generator means additional cost savings due to lower equipment and fuel costs.

Ecological compatibility. The atmosphere inside the working space is enriched with the oxygen that is generated as a by-product when the plasma device is in use. The steam molecules that swage the plasma jet cause the agitated metal bits to fall, instantaneously cooling them and preventing them from being inhaled by the welder at the same time. No noxious or poisonous gases such as propane, acetylene, nitrogen, are used in the process of welding and cutting.

Limitless applications. The unprecedented ecological compatibility of the Multiplaz plasmatron makes it possible to perform operations in enclosed and confined spaces such as offices, shops, premises for living, pipes, shafts, wells, tunnels, basements, vehicles, boat hulls and so on.

Multi-functional capabilities. MULTIPLAZ-3500 can effectively substitute a large number of tools, such as: hacksaw, cut-off disk, blow-torch lamp, gas burner, thermofan, welding inverter or transformer, laser cutter and many others.

Hiqh quality weld. Minimal shrinkage of the welded metal is achieved due to the fact that there are no thermal strains in the subject material because of the narrow heat preparation area.

Unlimited duty cycle. MULTIPLAZ-3500 will happily operate for 24-hours per day, 365 days a year at its maximum capacity. Pausing briefly at 20–30 minute intervals only to replenish working fluid in the torch.

How it works

For cutting, fill the torch with water. For welding, fill the torch with water and alcohol mix. Connect the power supply and press the ON button. Using the buttons on the electronic module, select the proper mode and voltage for the job at hand. Press the Start button on the torch briefly, this results in the cathode shorting to the torch nozzle.

An electric arc is produced between the cathode and nozzle. Arc energy heats the nozzle, which in turn heats the evaporator, which causes the fluid to heat and turn into steam. Steam flows toward the nozzle outlet under internal pressure (0.4-1.2 bar). Escaping from the nozzle, steam compresses the electric arc. Arc compression increases arc temperature. Compressed electric arc heats the steam to ionization temperature and operates at 8000 deg C.

Arc strength and weld or cut properties are controlled by positoning the nozzle a certain distance away from the work and by selecting different modes and voltages on the electronic module.

The plasma technology employed by Multiplaz was awarded Grand Prix at the 26th Geneva International Invention Salon and has gained numerous awards including Gold medals from Brussels, Geneva and Sofia International Invention Salons.

Product Specification

Supply main voltage (single phase) 110-253
Line frequency Hz  50-60
Power consumption kW up to 3.5
Power supply dimensions cm 38 x 14 x 19
Torch weight kg 0.9
Power supply weight kg 8.0
Plasma flame temperature deg C 8000
Cut steel plate's thickness mm up to 10
Welded steel plate's thickness mm from 0.3
Steel sheet (at 2mm) cutting speed mm/s up to 7
Width of sheet steel cut mm 1.5 at most
Working fluid consumption l/h 0.25
Time of operation with one torch filling min 20-30

Everything you need

The product includes:

  • Power supply (the unit)
  • Welding torch
  • Cutting torch
  • Protective tip
  • Combination wrench
  • Filler holder
  • Syringe
  • Plunger
  • Wire with clamp
  • Graphite lubricant
  • Ball support
  • Compass
  • Clamp bracket
  • Case and carry strap
  • Operating manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Service certificate
  • Spare parts kit (quarts tube, nozzle, spring, drill bit, cathode, cathode assembly)

MULTIPLAZ-3500 comes with a 24 months back to base warranty (conditions apply).


P 09 280 3010


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